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We want to take a moment to congratulate you and empower you for taking a step towards better health. Now is the time to claim your birthright! It is only natural to be healthy! Any dis-ease starts from an imbalanced body and mind. The return to balance means to regain your natural state of well being and radiant health.


Why the Raw Alkaline Diet can better your health and...Improve the quality of your life?



Natural Healers...

Bed news - Good news

Perfect health is our Birthright! Our doctors should be:



Most of our natural healers have been polluted. We breath polluted air, we drink polluted water and we eat polluted food that no longer supplies us with the nutrients we require. We hardly fall into deep sleep due to high levels of stress and... Because of our intense/insane lifestyle we don't really get to exercise or move our bodies enough even if we get to the gym a few times a week. So...We need help!

The good news is

that we can make better choices, be a bit more conscious, educate ourselves, take full responsibility for our state of being and regain our health.

Health is the first Wealth

Life without good health is a miserable condition even if you are the lord of the universe.  Health is a positive state not merely the absence of disease..

Why us?

Simply because our family's health has been dramatically improved thanks to the daily use of the knowledge, practice and ingredients offered to you on this site. We speak from personal experience. The results that we have had from following the Raw Alkaline diet and even just from taking a lot of greens in our diet are nothing short of a healing miracle for us...See the

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What people are saying about the Raw Alkaline Diet... 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I just want to thank you Om from my heart for a wonderful 4 hour session with you. You are an absolute Angel and a true inspiration. I feel blessed for spending time with you as you shared your insight on raw foods and healthy living. I had so much fun, that my time with you flew by. You teach and educate from such a loving and giving heart. You are not only informative but awe-inspiring from all the nutritional information you give, to all the incredible delicious recipes, the resourceful tips, and my favorite, the quick and easy preparation tricks that will help me to stay motivated to eating live foods. All the  fantastic raw dishes we prepared made me instantly hungry for raw foods (you are truly an AMAZING CHEF). Since our time together, you have responded to so many of my emails, extending your time and energy to help me. I thank God for you! I am happy to share that I have more energy. I feel healthier and my skin has a nice glow to it. This whole experience with you has done me a world of good! Thank you Om for everything!!!


Yolanda Ketel


San Juan Capistrano, California



December 1,2012

Dearest OM,

I wanted to thank you so much for the help you gave me six months ago up till now.

Six month ago, I was very desperate as I gained weight and could not find a way to start loosing it, but more than this, I had so many aches in many parts of my body, that I did not know what was the reason for them and how to cure them (my physician did not succeed to solve it).  Needless to say that when I felt like this physically, it influenced me mentally; I felt depressed, I lost my enthusiasm, I did not feel like getting up in the mornings and start the days, did not want to meet people and basically was not happy and nice to be with.

By chance I heard from a close friend about the Power green mix, the green powder that you sale, and I contacted you for buying it. Since then I take this powder on a daily basis, but this was only the beginning. I then started coaching with you and even though I live out of the U.S, you were willing to guide me in my eating habits my diet and more...I can't explain how rapidly things have changed. I was shocked. After two weeks(which were not easy but possible) of doing exactly what you told me to do I was not aching anymore, I lost 6 kilo, and more than this miracles, I felt happy, with a lot of energy, wanting to do things and succeeded to cope with all that I had to.

You were so nice to me at first and since then, so professional with what you suggested me to do, explained everything so I understand what was wrong and why I have to do what I do. You were always very patient and always available and supportive, when needed. I had so many questions, so many doubts especially at first, until I saw the impact of the new way of eating on my life. I am so grateful to you and to the new way of life you introduced me to.

I always recommend people the green powder, even if they don't do any other change in their eating since I believe it has a huge effect by itself."


With lots of appreciation and love

Yours always

Timna Shahar-Israel

Dear OM, 
here it is now almost a year (in February) since I changed my diet significantly, following your professional guidance. It took me a longtime to start with this, but your perseverance and care eventually bore fruits.You were always available at any time and you always had an answer for every question, especially in the difficult moments you were there for me to encourage and remind me that I'm doing it for my own health something good for myself.In less than three months I shaded 8 kg of my weight and maintained my ideal weight since then. like you said to me- The body gets adjusted and used to the new food’s taste and quantities. When people around me asking me how I succeeded to do it, I always tell them about you-It has been the great fortune in my life to know you and receive guidance from you. True, in the beginning it was not so easy, but you were there all along supporting me anytime I needed you and I have been telling everyone proudly about my current state of health and well being.

 Thank you my dear, I warmly recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthy life and need a professional and truly caring guidance, to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to be guided by you. Thank you-with all my heart, love, Lena !!! 

"I really love this website, through which I and my friends order wheat grass, Barley grass and Alfalfa (The "power green mix"), I personally drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. It helped me reduce cholesterol, blood lipid that the doctors determined that my body produces and there is nothing they can do about it, helped stop the progression of my osteoporosis. Also as a result of the improved metabolism it created I shed a few pounds too. The grass is filling and gives a lot of energy. My friends too indicate that drinking the greens helps solved some of their health problems and makes them feel very good." 

Esti wolf - Israel

"I have been drinking from the Raw Alkaline diet every morning for the last 10 months (not for dieting really, but for health reasons ), & ever since I feel great. I feel much more energy & I mix it with fresh apple juice which I mix with fresh lemon juice. It tastes much better with juice. It has improved my digestion system and my skin looks younger & I feel wonderful. Om has been giving me some good advices and has been there for me when I needed her.. The service was unbelievably fast and I recommend to all my friends who asked me - what did I do cause I look great to start your day with Raw Alkaline Mix. Its healthy and cleans your blood system. (My lips look much more red without using lipstick. Its true!"

Rachel Gur - Israel

Dear Om, thanks a lot about your support and all the information. I wish each one who want to be helthy to know you and to get your support and instructions! 

Yelena Wolf - Bulgaria



Blessings of perfect health from our family to yours...

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